LIVEU Return

Offered as part of LiveU’s flagship LU600 solution, Video Return enables field crews to get constant live feeds from the studio, ensuring professionally produced and smoothly run live broadcasts. The service guarantees sub-second delay from the studio to the field, with super-reliant video streaming based on LiveU’s LRT™(Live Reliable Transport Reliable) streaming and bonding technology. Video Return works via a dedicated LiveU server, which captures and encodes SDI feeds from the station and delivers them using LiveU’s patented bonded transmission to the the field unit. All return feeds can be viewed on the LU600 screen or via external display using an HDMI connection. Audio is also included, enabling the crew to communicate fully with the studio. The service is operational while the LU600 is idle or transmitting. The service can also be scaled easily as part of LiveU’s optional Video Return Pro service, with single or double return feeds distributed to multiple users in the field. Each SDI input in the station can serve up to 20 Lu600s concurrently

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